When your sprinkler system doesn’t work or the water is shut off for repair, you might need a fire watch security guard and most of the time; your insurance will pay for this so due to the fact that it poses as a seriously high liability risk for injuries in a fire were to break out.

Not just any security guard can perform fire watch services; it takes intense special training to be able to perform fire watch services. At AIS, we employ security guards in Austin that have been specifically trained and have the experience needed in providing fire watch services.

The following is a list of some of the duties AIS will provide:


There are many of hotels and motels in Austin, and hospitality businesses like these require the full-time expertise of AFD certified personnel. Fire Watch services entail performing watch duties and helping hotel guests and staff with fire emergencies.

Other responsibilities of fire watch services in hotels and motels include monitoring fire related systems and writing up all relevant reports, as well as urgently reporting fire conditions to emergency team responders. At AIS, our hotel fire watch personnel are highly trained in all of these duties and also coordinating prompt and orderly evacuations in the unfortunate event of fire.


Fire watch play a huge role in maintaining the safety of large buildings, whether for commercial or residential use. High-rise office building fire watch services involve providing watch duties at any time when a fire alarm, standpipe, or sprinkler is out of operation. Building management and business owners rely upon the expertise and professionalism of fire watch to maintain productive and efficient operations on a day-to-day basis in compliance with the law.


There are many important reasons why fireguard services are so essential at construction sites. For example, trained construction fire watches are used as new buildings are being erected, altered, and demolished. This is especially important when work has stopped for the day; however, it’s not typically a requirement between the hours of midnight and 8:00 am.

During construction, the fire protection system is often disconnected or not yet connected for the first time. This is another instance when construction fireguard services are required. If a sprinkler system has not yet been installed, then you are legally required to have a fire watch on duty in Austin Texas.

Construction professionals should know that how many fireguards you need is dependent upon the how large your field site is and where it’s located. For example, if your building is 75 feet tall, you will need to hire one fireguard to protect each area of 10,000 square feet if one side of your site faces a street.


Our fire watch services will provide protocol that satisfies all AFD safety regulations. We will patrol, inspect safety equipment, fill out daily and weekly logs as the AFD requires. Although fire watch do not possess the skills that a firefighter does, they do receive the proper training that is required to responsibly protect your property.

If you don’t have a fire watch present at your venue, contact AIS as soon as possible for both legal and safety purposes. In addition to the venues mentioned here, we can also assist you with fire watch services for film studios, public events, government facilities, hotels and much more. We ensure that all of our fire watch staff are trained, certified, and experienced in accordance with the City of Austin, and the State of Texas, and United States law.

Call us today at (737) 333-9433 to talk to a trained fireguard member about any questions you may have regarding fire safety for any type of venue.